Information Regarding the 2019 Novel Coronavirus


Information Regarding the 2019 Novel Coronavirus

Do I need to Book a TeleCare Appointment before my COVID testing can be done?

Yes, book your telecare appointment with AFC Greenwood. If there are no appointments available, please try the following day. We are seeing very high demand for COVID testing and are trying to make the process as safe and convenient as possible for our patients.

Do You Offer COVID-19 Rapid Testing?

Yes; However, availability will be dependent on test supply. If we run out of rapid tests, we will still have PCR tests available and results will typically be returned in 24-72 hours.

Do you test for Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Yes, we offer PCR testing and molecular rapid testing when in stock.

Do you only test patients with symptoms?

We test for COVID-19 through Rapid Tests when available (results ready in about 30 minutes) and PCR tests (typically results are available in 24-72 hours). For symptomatic and patients with known exposure, costs are covered by most insurances. Testing for travel, school or work may not be covered by insurance. Contact your insurance provider if you want to be certain what is covered under your insurance program. For testing not covered by insurance, patients may pay via cash or credit card.

How Do I Get Tested?

Patients must complete a Telecare visit before being tested. Telecare appointments must be booked through our website. Click here to book Telecare appointments.

What does it cost to get tested and/or will my insurance cover the cost?

Cost for telecare visits and testing for symptomatic and patients with known exposure covered by most insurances and government programs. If you want to be sure, contact your insurer prior to your visit with AFC Urgent Care. Testing for travel, school and work may not be covered by your insurance.

What information do I need to make a Telecare appointment?

You will need your driver’s license and Insurance card, access to a laptop, desktop, or phone to be able to have a Video Visit with our providers. If you don’t have insurance just mark “self pay” on the form.

How long before I get my test results?

Rapid COVID-19 Testing – Same Day Results. Supplies may be limited. If we run out of rapid tests, we will still have PCR tests available and results will typically be returned in 24-72 hours.

Does it matter which location I book for my Telecare appointment?

No-Book an appointment at any of our following locations with available appointments:
AndersonBoiling SpringsClemsonDuncanEasleyGreenwoodPowdersville.

If you need to be tested, we will then schedule the test to be conducted at the location most convenient for you.

What is the 2019 novel coronavirus?

The 2019 novel coronavirus, abbreviated as COVID-19, is a new disease, caused by a novel (or new) coronavirus that has not previously been seen in humans. Most cases of COVID-19 are mild, causing cold or flu-like symptoms.

How does the virus spread?

According to the CDC, COVID-19 is spreading through “community spread.” Community spread means people have been infected with the virus in an area, including individuals who are not sure how they were infected. The most likely method of human-to-human transmission is through tiny droplets spread by coughing and sneezing.

Am I at risk for COVID-19?

Possibly, the risk assessment may change daily as this is a rapidly evolving situation. For the latest updates, visit the CDC’s Coronavirus Disease 2019 website.

What are symptoms of COVID-19?

Per the CDC, fever, cough, and shortness of breath are the most common symptoms of COVID-19 and may appear 2-14 days after exposure. (Incubation period is based on what has previously been seen as the incubation period of MERS-CoV viruses)

What should I do if I feel sick?

Please stay at home if you believe you are sick. If you need to see a doctor, please call your local AFC Urgent Care and we will work with you and your state’s public health department to determine if you need to be tested for COVID-19. Per the CDC, if you suspect you may have COVID-19, you should not use public transportation or ride sharing services.

What is AFC doing in response to COVID-19?

Closely monitoring the situation

We are regularly following updates on COVID-19 from the CDC and communicating information to all of our providers and clinic staff as the CDC’s reporting and recommendations evolve.

Preparing our clinics

All AFC Urgent Care clinics are participating in pandemic drills so that our staff can ensure quality care is provided to any patients with potential Coronavirus exposure while keeping all clinic staff and other patients safe. For more information about AFC’s preparation, visit our Newsroom.

Providing educational information for keeping yourself and others healthy

At AFC Urgent Care, our primary focus has always been our patients. We want to make sure you have all the information you need to best take care of yourself and your loved ones. Click here for instructions from the CDC on what to do if you are sick.

What Can I do to avoid getting sick?

Wear an mask that covers your mouth and nose. (Posts CDC Mask guidelines)

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