Earache and Infection in Greenwood, SC

If you or your child has an earache or ear infection, come to AFC Urgent Care. Our staff can help you get the treatment you need to relieve your pain and discomfort. Call today or visit our clinic at 474 Bypass 72 NW Suite B Greenwood, SC 29649-1404.

Earache and Infection in Greenwood, SC

Earaches and ear infections have this annoying tendency to concentrate all of your attention and focus on the pain that you are experiencing! If you are experiencing such unavoidable discomfort from an earache or ear infection, we would be happy to help eliminate that painful distraction at AFC Urgent Care. Our medical professionals have extensive training and experience to provide expert ear infection treatment.

Should I see a doctor if my ear hurts?

While an earache may resolve itself in a day or two, you should definitely see a doctor if it persists past a few days. If you notice any accompanying symptoms to your ear pain, such as a fever, dizziness, pus or blood oozing from your ear, swelling behind your ear, severe pain which suddenly stops, minor hearing loss, or simply unbearable pain, you should see a doctor as soon as you can. Such symptoms are signs that your earache has progressed to an ear infection, which requires treatment to prevent further complications.

Should I go to urgent care for an ear infection?

Unless you can promptly see your primary care physician, an urgent care facility is the best place to go for an ear infection! With infections, it is essential to receive treatment early on before they cause other problems in the surrounding area. While the emergency room is an option, you will more than likely have to endure insufferable wait times and pay a hefty charge for their services. For this reason, you should consider coming to an urgent care clinic like AFC Urgent Care for ear infection treatment! We operate on a first-come, first-served basis so that you will be seen promptly, according to the number of people who arrive before you. Most of our patients are seen within 30 minutes of arriving. Moreover, as an urgent care clinic, we charge much less for our services than an emergency room!

Do you need antibiotics if you have an ear infection?

Antibiotics are not always necessary for ear infections, but they are the standard treatment for more severe bacterial ear infections. If you have a viral ear infection, antibiotics are unnecessary, as they will usually resolve themselves in time. Other options for treatment include ear flushing, ear drops, and pain relievers. If you are uncomfortable with antibiotics, let us know, and we can seek alternative therapies and use antibiotics only if nothing else works. We will also recommend some self-care strategies, such as warm compresses, hot baths, drinking plenty of water, simple jaw exercises, and other methods.

How much does urgent care cost for an ear infection?

The cost of ear infection treatment at an urgent care clinic is relatively minimal, especially if you have a medical insurance plan. While you can expect to pay upwards of $400 for treatment at the emergency room, the price of ear infection treatment at an urgent care clinic could cost between $5 and $75 with insurance and $25 and $250 without insurance. Some aspects that may increase the price of treatment include whether antibiotics are used or not, and the copay percentage with your specific insurance plan. We are happy to accept most major insurance plans at AFC Urgent Care. For more information on our insurance policies at AFC Urgent Care, visit our Insurances Accepted page or call us at (864) 383-1695.

If you have an earache or ear infection, our physicians and medical professionals at AFC Urgent Care can help you out! Either walk-in for an appointment or schedule an in-person or telemedicine appointment through our website. Our Greenwood clinic is located at 474 Bypass 72 NW, Suite B, in Greenwood, South Carolina.

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