Respiratory Infections in Greenwood, SC

Are you suffering from a respiratory infection? Come of AFC Urgent Care, our experienced medical professionals are ready to help you. It can cause serious lung infections, especially in infants, older adults, and people with serious medical problems if not treated on time. Please call us for more details or book an appointment online.

Respiratory Infections in Greenwood, SC

A respiratory infection can be difficult to deal with, especially for a child, and an infection like pneumonia can be especially serious for a senior. If you or someone you care about is suffering from a respiratory infection with minor symptoms, it’s a good idea to seek quick, convenient treatment at a clinic like ours. AFC Urgent Care Greenwood is your local, go-to clinic for respiratory infections in Greenwood, SC.

What is respiratory infection?

Respiratory infection is an infection that can affect either the upper respiratory system (the sinuses down to the vocal cords) or the lower respiratory system (the vocal cords down to the lungs. The infection can interfere with breathing and is particularly dangerous for children, seniors, and people with an immune system disorder. A respiratory infection can be acute or chronic. It’s best to treat any kind of respiratory infection, especially if the symptoms are serious.

What causes respiratory infection?

Since there are different types of respiratory infections, including different upper and lower infections, there are different causes. And with a respiratory infection like sinusitis, there are a number of different causes, like a virus. The common causes of upper infections tend to be viruses, acute pharyngitis, acute ear infection, and the common cold, and the common causes of lower infections are pneumonia, bronchitis, and bronchiolitis.

Some types of infections are caused by bacteria which require different treatments than viral infections. With respiratory infection, it’s often important to get professional diagnosis and treatment, as self-treating often doesn’t work and the infection could worsen.

What is the most common respiratory infection?

The common cold is the most common kind of respiratory infection. Most colds are caused by viruses, and most of the time, a cold isn’t serious at all. However, the symptoms may be severe for some patients. It can be hard to tell whether you have a cold or another infection.

With most respiratory infections, the symptoms tend to be runny nose, cough, congestion, sore throat, fatigue, and/or body aches. It’s possible, though, to experience chills, difficulty breathing, dizziness, a fever over 103 degrees, or even loss of consciousness. When the symptoms are serious like that, it’s necessary to get care, and sometimes even emergency care. Also, respiratory infections can be very contagious, so to protect your family from infection, professional treatment may be necessary. And because it can be difficult to determine what kind of infection you have, it’s often best to just get professional care anyways.

How long does a respiratory infection last?

The symptoms of an upper respiratory infection may last for just a few days or up to two weeks. Sometimes the symptoms of an infection like sinusitis can last longer than two weeks. With proper diagnosis and treatment, however, the symptoms can be eased and recovery can be sped up. Certain medications like nasal decongestants and NSAIDs can help a patient. Here at AFC Urgent Care Greenwood, we’re fully capable of treating a respiratory infection and can provide an immunization (like a flu shot) which can help too. We’re also able to provide an X-ray if a patient requires advanced diagnosis.

Do you treat respiratory infections in Greenwood, SC?

Yes, we do! AFC Urgent Care Greenwood is located at 474 Bypass 72 NW Suite B Greenwood, SC 29649-1404, and we provide treatment for respiratory infections. Our clinic is available to you every day of the week. Please consider that if you’re suffering from a respiratory infection, you could be highly contagious, and it may be best to call us for a telemedicine appointment instead of coming in for an in-person appointment. To make an at-home appointment with us, call us at (864) 383-1695 or book with us online.

We hope to speak with you soon and help you with your health!

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