Tick Bite Treatment in Greenwood, SC

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Tick Identification Card

Ticks are small, brown bugs that can be found in the rural areas outside of Greenwood, SC but also in your backyard in the area. Bites from these pests are often painful and quite irritating. However, it isn’t the bite that should have you most concerned with ticks. These bugs have the potential to carry various illnesses and infections that can sicken humans and also infect animals, including household pets. Be mindful when you come across a tick to protect not only your health but the health of your family.

You do not need to spend your entire summer indoors. Follow some simple rules and you can reduce your risk of infection from severe illnesses ticks can carry, like Lyme Diseases.

Our doctors at AFC Urgent Greenwood are board-certified and have years of experience in looking for the signs of a tick bite and treating them. We can remove any ticks that have latched onto your skin, and we will examine you for signs of additional infection. We have an onsite lab available that can run diagnostic tests to confirm your diagnosis is if needed.

Are you worried you are risking your health by spending time outside? Are you unsure how to protect yourself from ticks? Don’t let these pests ruin time spent outdoors with your family. Below are some simple guidelines to follow to keep yourself healthy!

Where do ticks live?

Regardless if it is a rural or urban setting, ticks love to make their home in moist areas. This preference makes leaves, tall grass, or shrubs in their favorite places to hide. If you are near these areas during the summer, use extra caution.

Preventing tick bites

Much like avoiding the sun so as not to get a sunburn, avoiding ticks is the best way not to get bit by one. However, unless you want to spend your time indoors, this may not be practical. If you are in an area that has a high risk of ticks, use permethrin to coat your clothes. This chemical kills ticks on contact.

Use repellents that contain DEET for your exposed skin. Reapply the repellent throughout the day if you are spending extended amounts of time outside and especially if you are sweating. Reapplying it will ensure you do not lose protection throughout the day.

When your outdoor activities have ended, and you come back inside, check your clothes for ticks. Using a mirror or asking a friend to help can ensure none of these bugs are clinging to your body. You should also shower to wash out any ticks hiding on your body and also to wash any chemicals from the bug repellant off also.

Checking for ticks

To keep yourself healthy, you must be very thorough when checking for ticks. It isn’t hard to look for them, but if you aren’t careful, you could miss them hiding on your body. Check your clothes thoroughly first and then your skin. Ticks often hide on your underarms and in your hair, so be sure to check these areas carefully.

I think a tick has bitten me, what should I do?

First, don’t panic. Tick bites are not an automatic reason to call 911 and are not uncommon during the summer. If the tick has latched onto your skin, remove it carefully using tweezers. Pull the tick in a slow, twisting motion and be careful not to leave any parts of it behind.

If a tick is too difficult to remove or pieces have broken off, come to AFC Urgent Care Greenwood today! These parts, if left behind in the skin, can cause severe illnesses and infections.

After a tick has been removed from your skin, watch the site of the bite for signs of an infection. If you see a rash developing, come to our clinic for further medical evaluation and testing. No appointment is ever needed to see one of our physicians.

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